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From our home to yours



Vajinder Singh was born in the northern state of Punjab in India, while Abi Ventour was born on the island of Grenada in the eastern Caribbean. When their paths crossed some years ago sailing through the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea; they discovered many similarities in the importance of bonding over flavoursome food in Indian and Grenadian culture.

Vajinder would reminisce on the aroma of spices that would engulf his home when his mother was cooking, while Abi would bubble up some of the very same spices in a large inviting pot when they shared their traditional Indian and Grenadian food with each other at home. Sharing the best parts of their cuisine gave birth to Punj-Abi, a place where they can invite everyone to experience authentic Indian cuisine in the stunning surroundings of Grenada.



"Experience Authentic Indian Cuisine in the stunning surroundings of Grenada."

Culinary Spices
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